About Coctione

It’s simple, really.

We have taken our passion for food and cooking and created a more enjoyable online experience to display that passion.

Other websites boast about having 500,000 online recipes. But this is about 499,900 more than any of us need or would ever use. Coctione presents unique recipes that show the beauty and art of food and cooking.

Some are French classics. After all, they are “classic” for a reason. The remainder are recipes that feature our favorite regional cuisines. And they soon will be your favorites as well. Many of our recipes are accompanied by artistic video creations that show the joy of cooking. And we will be adding more unique video content in the future.

Coctione is the only site that we know of in the world that presents 100% of its recipes and the majority of the remaining content in multiple languages, English and Spanish. From any article or recipe … from any page … you can freely switch between content in both languages.

Coctione is the first online experience to bring this passion for food from a variety of cultures to our friends throughout the world that speak Spanish. The site is as much a tool for learning another language as it is for learning to cook.

And because much of the content is presented in video format, no translation is even required. The images speak for themselves. Whether you call it “an egg” or “un huevo” … it still tastes the same.

Every page on our website adapts to being viewed on your mobile device. No need to scroll left and right. When watching a video, merely pause and resume at your convenience.

Just a tap or swipe to navigate our site. This makes using the recipes much easier in the kitchen or the backyard or wherever you are cooking.

And just as you, your family and friends are all rapidly changing we will endeavor to constantly adapt to these changes. Coctione.com will rapidly be evolving. We hope you’ll join us in enjoying the evolution.

So click, tap, swipe and Enjoy.