How to NAVIGATE Coctione

We urge you to explore the full potential of the website. Once you navigate through a few of the articles and recipes you will quickly discover all the wonderful ways of viewing our content.

When viewing the site on a mobile phone click the indicated icon in the top right hand corner of the screen to access the navigation menus.


Coctione Mobile Menu 1Coctione Mobile Menu

Keep your eyes peeled for those images and links which will reveal more content and more media to enhance your experience on our website. For example, when viewing a recipe you can click the button indicated below to open a video player to play the VideoRecipe (a video version of the indicated recipe).  The controls of the video player that opens in a “lightbox” are pretty straight forward. To close the video viewer you can merely click on the page outside the viewer and it will close. On a mobile the controls are located at the top of the page.

View the Video BKG282828
You can both search the website by keyword or you can filter recipes for food and drink from the search menu on any page.

On many of the pages you can enjoy the images and music in our videos while enjoying the remaining content on the page. But if you navigate away from the page, the video and the accompanying audio will close. This page has examples of both image galleries and the various ways we display video content.

Filtering Recipes

RecipeFilterFor all our food recipes you have the ability to filter the recipes by Ingredient, Course (e.g. Main Course or Dessert) and Cuisine (e.g. Asian).  You can add additional filters to narrow a search and remove them (by clicking the “x”) to broaden the search. In this example we show the recipes that are Desserts that include the Ingredient “cocoa powder”.